Just found out about this book on Skinny LaMinx’s blog.  Soooooo excited, can’t wait to get my very own copy.  And well done to local girl Heather Moore (aka Skinny) for getting her work included!

 It features some of my favourite artists:

Su Blackwell

Mia Pearlman

and Elsa Mora, who also did the front cover

If you’re a local, get your own copy here, if not try here.

I have a bit of a thing about watch mechanisms – they’re so tiny and perfect and just plain beautiful, and clearly, I have a bit of a thing about recycling.  So when I stumbled across 19 moons on etsy, I had to share some of their work with you.

My sister-in-sin Sasha recently had a solo show at Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town.  She is incredibly hard-working, and it shows.  You can see images from the show here, and read about Sasha here.

Just take a look at these exquisite paintings…










Another South African who is inspires me is Nic Bladen, a sculptor, jeweler and metalsmith working in Kalk Bay, Cape Town.  He uses the lost wax casting technique to capture flowers, leaves, seaweed and other forms of nature.  His work is indescribably delicate and downright gorgeous.

I need one…

Last night my good friend Bern took me to see All in One (a band made up of Steve Newman, Errol Dyers and Hilton Schilder) live at the Fugard Theatre, and it was wonderful! These three guys are obviously so into what they do, and so innovative in how they do it that’s it’s really inspiring to see.

Steve Newman plays a guitar in a way I’ve never seen anyone else do it – he whacks, taps, strokes, scratches, strums, drums and generally knocks it about. No wonder his 32 year old guitar “Sonny” has had to have a face-lift, hip replacement and butt replacement over the years! These three guys together are making music that is totally unique and irresistably foot-tapping.

Check out this video to get a taste of what they do:

I made my first little kiddy’s dress the other day for my neighbour’s daughter. It’s upcycled from a vintage pillow, a vintage sheet and some rik-rak I picked up at a charity shop.  I’m quite chuffed with the outcome, if I do say so myself.


Sam Taylor Wood

Yes, I feel the need to add a little bit of inspiration here, and Robert Downey Jnr never fails to do it for me.  For those of us who are no longer the springy chickens we used to be, Robert made our knees go wobbly in films like Less than Zero and The Pickup Artist, but lucky for us he just gets better with age. As my Nan would say, he can park his boots under my bed any day.


This is one of my favourite examples of clever and beautiful recycling.  Beth from Wilton Artisans creates these amazing pendants, cuff-links, bracelets, etc. from vintage bottle tops.  I LOVE them!! Rush on over to her Etsy shop to buy one or two or three…

I love simple, pretty images of nature, and these ones are from Cassia Beck.  She has a half-price sale on selected prints right now at her Etsy shop.

She has a very pretty blog, and also makes these lovely collages under the name Violet May, which you can see here.

One of the things I love to do while I’m working is listen to music on my headphones – loud!  It really gets me into a groove, and energises me for my work sessions.  My current “favourite band in the entire universe” is Beirut.  Their music is completely unique and happy and you can’t help but get jiggy listening to it.

I love their videos too, this one was shot in the streets of Paris on a digital camera by a mate of the band.  It’s lovely!

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